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About Us

We at Smiths' Farm are third-generation horse and mule professionals. We breed quality Jacks to produce quality foals, break mules and horses to harness, and buy and sell horse drawn farm equipment. 

When breaking mules for my own use, selling, or for individuals, I expose the animals to everything that I can. All types of farm implements, traffic, iron wheel wagons...some clients ask for everything, some want their mules broke to a wagon and traffic only. You're I do what you want. Each pair or individual animal is hooked up for a demonstration before you take them home. They will be broke to your specifications. I ask that you work them, after the demo, before leaving with them, so that both of us are confident the job's well done.

We have a show quality gaited jack, 14 1/2 hands, black in color with white points. Superb disposition, easy to handle. 

Also in residence, sorrel jacks and a gray jack, all with good ears and head. Call 931-248-9900 today to speak with the expert,  Paul V. Smith, about your breeding or training needs. Click the contact link below for map and address.

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